The HAST-1000X, HAST-6000X and HAST-9000X pressurized humidity test systems, offer a fast and cost effective alternative to conventional Damp Heat 85/85 temperature and humidity testing for plastic encapsulated integrated circuits and other microelectronic devices. Technology leaders in the semiconductor industry has calculated that HAST testing is 10-40 times faster than conventional testing methods. This highly accelerated testing leads to faster characterization, evaluation and qualification of increasingly complex microelectronic products.

Trio-Tech is the technology and market leader in HAST testing with technically advanced HAST systems, and provides greater convenience and safety turn-key solutions including, systems, racks, training and test services and has over 600 installation worldwide.

The Express Test HAST systems meet and exceed the testing requirements of JEDEC Standard No. A110. (Highly Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test)

Trio-Tech HAST System Features

  • HAST, AUTOCLAVE, 85/85 Testing
    Can be performed on all Express Test Systems
  • Large Testing Capacity Available
    Testing capacity range from 64 – 15000 litres (Other sizes upon request)
  • Dual Vessel Design – Steam Generator and Chamber Vessel
    With a patented circumference heating system, which provides uniform temperature
    and humidity control and eliminates condensation from forming on devices under test.
  • Automatic Door System
    Operator friendly push button door lock system
  • Touch Screen Controller with Built-in Data Logger
    Operator friendly touch screen operations
    – Program / Manual Test Mode and Real-Time Trend Graph
  • All in one system control on HAST and Power supplies
    Trio-Tech Hast systems utilize a touch screen computer system for simple controlling of all chamber parameters and power supplies. Two programming modes are available.
  • Flexible Bias Wire Configuration
    A wide variety of application and Experimentation
  • 4 Digital Output
    To trigger external power supply on/off
  • IEEE Power Supply Control
    Allow programming/trigger of external power supply
  • N2 Purging Option (Ramp-Down)
    Decrease system ramp down time of the system hence preventing ‘baking effect’ on the test device.
  • N2 Purging Option (Ramp-Up)
    Clear out the air in the system to prevent vapors build-up on the test device during ramp up.


  • Temperature Range : 105°C to 150°C.
  • Humidity Range : 60% to 100% R.H
  • Testing capacity: 61 – 657 Litres (Other testing capacity available upon request)
  • Standard System (Vessel Dimension)HAST 1000X (Diameter x Depth) – 36cm x 60cm ( Approx. 61 Litres)HAST 6000X (Diameter x Depth) – 60cm x 60cm ( Approx. 169 Litres)

    HAST 9000X (Diameter x Depth) – 81.2cm x 127cm ( Approx. 657 Litres)

    (Other testing capacity available upon request)


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